Nechvile is a company it jeopardize, dynamic and innovating, result of years of learning and investigation in the world of the machinery for graphical arts. Of exclusive dedication for the graphical sector. It jeopardize, in its fast answer to the necessities of the market, being adopted to the request and necessity of its customer. Dynamics, in its immediate disposition of practically any machine of than 60 models the more standard in all its range, which it has.

Innovator, since their effort in developing novel, fast systems and of easy handling does not stop in their department of I+D.With facilities of more than 3,000 m2. Nechvile does not stop in its persistence to improve day to day, in offering the best quality to the best price.Nechvile initiated its manufacture of machines 23 years ago, initially of tampografía, making from the simplest model of advised and guided by the knowledge that Ray A.Nechvile learned of Scmid, and its continuous dedication to the tampografía.At the moment, Nechvile has more than 48 models of machines of standard tampografía.

Nechvile makes a great fan of machinery, being able to offer to its clients machinery of flat and mixed serigrafía. Systems of drying uv, tunnels of drying, manual and automatic machines of textile serigrafía, automatic folding machines of t-shirts, system of automatic washing of screens and inkpots of tampografía, insoladoras... All this allows Nechvile to install a complete factory of serigrafía of a fast and effective way.

Nechvile counts on an own department of electronic engineering, as well as of technical, development and mechanized and doubled design of plates. Investing this way in technology and novel systems that the end user incorporates in all his machinery benefitting this way.Nechvile really has all the necessary equipment so that its machines of tampografía, serigrafía perfectly work, so that you obtain the total yield of the same ones, and this way to achieve the success that you need in your productions.

In Nechvile we did not forget that our success begins by his.Thanks to all our clients and friends for the deposited confidence in us, without you we would not have obtained it. That they know us, only we requested that they tell them on our company for any project, we will advise it as better we know; with confidence.

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